My Story.

I am

Michelle Dyk

I’m an artist hailing from Billings, MT. My journey with art started as a preteen seeking solace in a world where I felt like I didn’t quite fit in. Art became my lifeline, offering connection and vitality in moments of loneliness. High school led me to a passionate pursuit of art, and post-graduation, I followed my cousin’s path, earning a fine arts degree. It was during this time that I discovered the paradoxical nature of art—it’s both elusive and everything, an integral part of my soul. Graduating with honors, I soon realized my artistic prowess wasn’t matched by marketing skills. Years in the service industry sustained me as I continued my artistic endeavors, participating in group and solo shows, curating exhibits, and collaborating with fellow creatives in Billings. In 2014, I found my artistic haven at Billings Open Studio, a community I’ve been a part of ever since. The birth of my child in 2019 prompted a hiatus, compounded by the challenges of the pandemic. Recently freed from a corporate position, I’ve decided to rekindle my love for art and connection. Collage, especially in its analog form, has become my focal point. My process involves weaving together disparate elements from print materials, a skill refined over time. Growing up in Billings, MT, after a childhood in France, instilled in me a grit and fervor that money can’t buy. I invite you to delve into my work, hoping you may discover something that resonates in your heart through both my art and my authentic journey.

About Me..

Immersed in a vibrant life brimming with experiences, I channel this kaleidoscope of moments into my artwork. Through my vibrant art, I share the energetic spirit that defines both my life and my artistic expression.

  • The formative years of my childhood unfolded beautifully in France, where I cherished the first six years of my life, surrounded by its rich culture and vibrant landscapes.
  • In 2019, I had the incredible opportunity to return to France as I was accepted for an artist residency at the enchanting Chateau Orquevaux, where I spent six transformative weeks immersed in the creation of my art.
  • I proudly navigate the beautiful journey of single parenthood, cherishing every moment as I raise my incredible 5-year-old son.
  • As a passionate vegan food enthusiast, I find immense joy in crafting delectable plant-based dishes, exploring the art of cooking with compassion and creativity.

Art is Life

Art is more than a canvas; it’s a heartbeat. It’s the pulse that brings color, meaning, and rhythm to our existence. A celebration of creativity’s power to illuminate, provoke, and connect.

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