Tells a Unique Story

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of collage where each piece harmoniously blends diverse elements into a kaleidoscope of imagination that challenges the realms of possibility. 


“And then my heart” captures a dreamlike scene with a figure amidst daffodils beneath a starry sky, reminiscent of Wordsworth’s “I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud.” This collage invites viewers into an enchanting moment akin to the poet’s joy, imprinting its beauty on their hearts, much like Wordsworth’s verses.

Recent Artwork

Dive into the mesmerizing world of collage artistry, where a fusion of diverse elements creates a kaleidoscope of imagination, challenging conventional boundaries. Each piece is a symphony of storytelling, inviting exploration beyond the ordinary. These collages weave tales waiting to be uncovered, urging you to decipher their unique stories in a realm where possibilities are boundless and unconventional artistry thrives.


“Nestled amidst the rocks, a fragile blue egg is left behind on the sandy shore, exposed to the encroaching tide. Enigmatically, a man with a flower for a head departs, clad in a perfectly matching eggshell blue suit. “Best of Luck” delves into the intricate dance between departure and the delicate possibilities lingering in the wake of parting.”

My Story

Michelle Dyk’s collage art transports viewers into a world of whimsy and contemplation. With a playful touch, she assembles disparate elements into thought-provoking compositions that spark curiosity and wonder. Each piece tells a unique story, where unexpected connections become a source of both surprise and reflection. Michelle Dyk, a Billings, Montana resident and Montana State University Billings graduate with a degree in Fine Art, creates within the dynamic space of Billings Open Studio, located in the historic Kress building downtown.

“Abstract collage art is a dance between chaos and harmony, where fragments of imagination unite to create a visual symphony that speaks in whispers to the soul.”

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